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If you're a streamer or press looking for an early build, contact me! ovrfull@gmail.com


Biorhythm is a rhythmic infection game with a story focus, where you play as bacteria lost in the human body. As the heart beats, everything in the body moves to the rhythm. You'll swim through the bloodstream to the beat, exploring, fighting other microbes, and duplicating yourself as you go.

As the progression of your lifecycle weakens the body, you'll be forced into difficult choices and face terrifying challenges; hungering white blood cells, intense fever, and, in the end, the other copies of yourself.

Biorhythm is the first game produced by Brady Soglin's Overfull LLC. It was developed over the course of 3 years, and is due for release summer 2019. Its art is handpainted oils by Anna Cich and Jackie Lombard, and it's scored by Dylan Payne and Bobby Volpendesta.


You can find screenshots, logos, and etc. here.