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You are bacteria, lost in the human bloodstream. Explore, fight, and uncover the mystery of your new home to the beat of the heart!

Out now for PC and OS X!

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In biorhythm, you play as bacteria lost in the human body. As the heart beats, everything in the body moves to the rhythm. You'll swim through the bloodstream to the beat, exploring, fighting other microbes, and duplicating yourself as you go.

As the progression of your lifecycle weakens the body, you'll face terrifying challenges; hungering white blood cells, intense fever, and, in the end, the other copies of yourself.

The game runs 2.5 - 3 hours. It features hand-painted art, an orchestral score, and a thrilling story.

The Team:

Brady Soglin
🌝 creator
Anna Cich
🖌️ art
Jackie Lombard
🎨 oils
Dylan Payne
🎵 jams
Bobby Volpendesta
🎵 bops